Voluntary gives you opportunity to explore the world

Two volunteers from Lithuania went on to work and learn for one year in Germany, environmental protection. This activity is a result of a long-term cooperation between Department of youth affairs in Lithuania and the Education, Youth and Sports Ministry of Brandenburg in Federal Republic of Germany.

Quick-learning girls were elected to go on a volunteering journey in 2015, September 7th.  Virginija Kryžiokaitė became a volunteer in Cultural Heritage, while Monika Paškevičiūtė in Nature Protection Station. “We learned a lot of new things in the first month” – they said “lots of new things about nature, birds, reptiles and their care. Our German language also improved” – both smiled. 

A month in, and Virginija already had an opportunity to guide a tour, and to make matters more challenging, in German. But everything went well: she didn’t say a word in English. Girls traveled to Germany on October 1st, and there is a lot of work in the Nature protection station in the middle of the autumn, Monika covered lots of kilometers on foot in the neighborhood by preparing the surroundings for the cold-blooded animals, as they were preparing for hibernation.

The sanctuary of storks and cranes, Storchenschmiede, closes for the winter season, so as the cold period begun, Virginija joined Monika in the Nature protection station and already, in the first week together, they helped the mentor of Virginija in the garden and the following day they went to count local birds with a nature protection worker. “This is really fun, we even saw, for the first time, a bird called great bittern, which flew awkwardly away when saw us” – Lithuanians shared their impressions.

As the spring accelerates, there is no shortage of activities for volunteers in Germany. They are again getting used to their normal work, preparing to guide tours, learn new things, and take all the possible experience and knowledge. Girls actively seeking to help others and get involved in everything, this lets the girls not only do their entitled work, but also to become a part of the community.