Second call

A second call for expression of interest was launched in late December 2015 for the second wave of the French experimentation.

Ten new sending organisations were selected in January 2016. Most of them are community education organisations (youth workers), which will enable a plurality of actors and complementary practices (most of the first wave sending organisations are actors of international solidarity).

An information meeting was held on 23 January 2016 and two working groups were held on February 16th and March 8th to build together the next steps.
25 volunteers being left on the first wave, organisations will therefore have to select 75 volunteers. The news of the volunteers currently on placement is very good. Only two of the 25 volunteers returned to France, including one for family reasons who pursues its placement within his sending organisation.

To better match the criteria of the target group, sending organisations were asked to select volunteers meeting at least two of the three criteria (qualification level, area of residence, social level).
Nine new countries will host these volunteers: two in Europe (UK, Hungary, Poland) and Six outside Europe (Cameroon, Benin, Thailand, Kenya, Perou and Japan).

Intense activity is scheduled for March-April-August :

  • 29-31 March: Meeting of the sending and hosting partners
  • April 4-5 and May 2-4: Welcome back seminars for the volunteers of the 1st wave
  • April 18-21 and May 9-12: Pre-departure trainings for the volunteers of the second Wave.

The second quarter 2016 is highlight of the project where focus all challenges.


Anne-Laure Barres, French Service Civic Agency