Methodology : Quality Assurance

Here some informations about our methodology :


What does the Quality Assurance work package aim to achieve?

The overall results of the Quality Assurance (QA) work package will include:

  • IVO4All consortium partners will have a greater understanding of common values relating to inclusion across Europe.
  • Young people with fewer opportunities are recruited into the IVO4ALL experimentation.
  • A clearer understanding of the requirements for inclusive practice and programming by the IVO4ALL partners.
  • The Quality Assurance Framework will influence and inform public policies for youth volunteering in Europe.


VSO and the IVO4ALL consortium

VSO will work directly with the coordinating organisations leading each of the three field trials in France, Italy and the United Kingdom.


The Quality Assurance (QA) Framework

Developed in collaboration with coordinating agencies and review of other European standards (e.g. EVS Charter and Comhlamh).

Framework is focussed around 5 quality principles (which will be monitored in practice through a self-audit tool) :

  1. Accessibility
  2. Support
  3. Learning
  4. Usefulness
  5. Partnership


Why have IVO4ALL quality principles ?

  • Provide flexibility to develop strong programmes across a range of country / partner contexts.
  • These principles will specifically ensure processes and practices are strengthened and tailored in relationship to the target group.


Why have an IVO4ALL self audit-tool ? 

  • Establishing a baseline of your programmes in relation to working with the target group.
  • Encouraging ownership of both identifying good practices and areas for development.