Global quality

Global Quality plays a considerable role: A first workshop was held in april


The quality plays a considerable part in IVO4ALL project. It is made up of three key elements: evaluation, monitoring and quality assurance, which would ensure more access and inclusivity in international volunteering programmes for young people.

A first workshop on the 13th of April 2015 was held with all partners at EY France in order to look into evaluation and quality. This workshop was an opportunity to collectively work on logical frameworks and in indicators for each field trial as well as for EU.

First of all France, Italy and UK presented their expectations on the field trial. The main question which was discussed was about the approach of the target group: how they should be prepared in each country. Should it be the same preparation everywhere? The preparation also depends on what we want to evaluate during and after the volunteering services.

The several gatherings have confirmed that one of the main concerns is to have a shared understanding of the terminology used in the project. A glossary is being set up, questioning what’s the role of a tutor, a mentor etc. The outcome of the workshop has been very useful for all of us. We have assessed the progress and the preparedness of each work package and we have identified that we would require better preparation and more discussions to be able to agree on common quality principles and framework. Although there is still a lot of work to do for everybody, we got new energy to continue on this project.

Since then the board has agreed on the following 5 quality principles: accessibility, support, learning, usefulness and partnership. In addition, the quality, evaluation and monitoring frameworks are nearing completion.


Author : Raymonde MULLER, National Youth Service from Luxembourg