The field trial’s principles

How do governments and organizations deliver high quality international volunteer projects for young people with fewer opportunity ? This is the question being addressed by the IVO4ALL consortium through a set of quality principles that can be applied across Europe to promote inclusive international volunteering. The quality principles span the whole volunteer journey, from recruitment to post-placement, and aim to tackle the unifying challenges faced by all European partners that currently prevent young people from lower income backgrounds and with low levels of qualifications from taking part in or completing their schemes.

All organisations must commit to working towards implementation of the IVO4ALL quality principles:

Information and communication should remove barriers that could exclude target volunteers
Robust support structures in place for our target group to enable their full participation, safety and wellbeing 
Learning Volunteer learning is supported, encouraged and validated 
Usefulness Volunteer roles are useful and appropriate and have realistic aims and objectives. 
Partnership All organisations are jointly responsible for ensuring that appropriate provision is made for the target group 


For each quality principle, the QA framework provides the following info:

Rationale An explanation of why the principle is important
Descriptor Describes what will be achieved if the principle is put into practice
Possible evidence
Examples of how you could demonstrate you have met the principle
Link to evaluation
Connects the principle to the overall outcomes and results we are committed to measuring