Objectives of the evaluation

  • Assess the results and impacts of the experimentation at the EU level on:
    • EU institutions
    • Other Member States
  • Assess the results and impacts of national field trials on:
    • National policy makers
    • Volunteering organisations
    • Local partners and communities (if relevant)
    • Young volunteers
  • Identify risks and success factors in each national experimentation
  • Appreciate the relevance of the experimented measures to reach target groups
  • …By answering the evaluation questions at national and EU level


Developing the evaluation questions

The questions to be addressed are about:

  • Effectiveness
  • Impacts
  • Relevance
  • Efficiency
  • Internal coherence
  • External coherence


Evaluation plan: monitoring data to be collected


Phase 1: Design of the evaluation framework

  • The same evaluation questions for all field trials + specific ones for the transnational one
  • A core set of common indicators for all field trials + specific ones depending on national targets and measures
  • Primary data sources to be identified and collected by the evaluation
  • Secondary data sources to be structured and monitored in accordance with the quality framework


Phase 2: Data collection plan

  • Documentary analysis
  • Inception interviews with project partners
  • Mid-term evaluation (January – March 2016)
  • Final evaluation (January – March 2017)


Phase 3: Deliverables

  • Inception report (May 2015)
    • Evaluation framework at EU and national level
  • Intermediate report (April 2016) 
    • 3 draft national evaluation reports
  • Final evaluation reports (June 2017)
    • 3 final national reports
    • Transnational report