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Global quality

Global Quality plays a considerable role: A first workshop was held in april The quality plays a considerable part in IVO4ALL project. It is made up of three key elements: evaluation, monitoring and quality assurance, which would ...Continue reading

The field trial’s principles

How do governments and organizations deliver high quality international volunteer projects for young people with fewer opportunity ? This is the question being addressed by the IVO4ALL consortium through a set of quality principles that can be applied across Europe to promote inclusive international volunteering. The quality principles span the whole volunteer journey, from recruitment to post-placement, and aim to tackle the unifying challenges faced by all European partners that currently prevent young people from lower income backgrounds and with low levels of qualifications from taking part in or completing their schemes.Continue reading

Methodology : Quality Assurance

Here some informations about our methodology : What does the Quality Assurance work package aim to achieve?The overall results of the Quality Assurance (QA) work package will include:...Continue reading


Objectives of the evaluationAssess the results and impacts of the experimentation at the EU level on:EU institutionsOther Member StatesAssess the results and impacts of national field trials on:National policy ...Continue reading