Final conference in Luxembourg

"Going Abroad" SeminarFinal conference LuxembourgThursday, 4 May 2017Home of the Franciscan Sisters50, Avenue Gaston DiderichLuxembourg Belair...Continue reading

Final conference in Vilnius – Lituania

Save the date ! Programme To 09:00 : Registration09:00 – 10:00 Inspiring Volunteers Stories10:00 – 10:30 : Coffee Break10:30 – 11:00 : Inspiring Volunteers Stories11:00 – 12:00 : Volunteer Story: Minister of Social Security and Labour Linas ...Continue reading

The London national event – UK

A range of key stakeholders from an array of organisations attended the day in the Central Hall Westminster for the IVO4all London National Event, which included delegates from the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board UK, By the Bridge, Department of International Development’s Youth Team, Department of Education, Girl Guiding, London Youth, ...Continue reading

Towards a Citizen Service in Belgium ?

Directors and youth ministry leads from France, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg have met to shape the institutionalisation of the Belgium Citizen Service for young people, in Brussels, last 5th – 16th May 2017.High level workshops with political agents, experts and field operators, focusing on the fundamental principles and the practical ...Continue reading

IVO4ALL presented to the 28 Directors General of Youth in Malta

Every six months the country in charge of the Presidency of the European Union invites the European Commission and the youth directors of the 28 Member-States to exchange on their political orientations and to draw on good practices.Last 23 and 24 March the Maltese Presidency had chosen to discuss the Renewal of the post-2020 Youth ...Continue reading

Save the date ! Final conference : “Removing barriers to international volunteering to improve youth social inclusion”

The IVO4All projet is coming to end.Rendez-vous on 6 June 2017, at the EESC, for the collective restitution: « Remonving barriers to international volunteering to improve youth social inclusion »,...Continue reading

And after ? Kader explain to us

The Civic Service Agency : What did you do before being enrolled in an International Civic Service?Kader: Before I made a Civic Service abroad, I started a technical-commercial BTS, which I did not finish because I did not feel full in it. After a period of 3 months of unemployment, a specialist educator ...Continue reading

Crefad Auvergne movie !

Take time to watch the beautiful movie made by 7 volunteers of CREFAD Auvergne, when they came back from their travel. ...Continue reading

The Paris national conference – France

On Wednesday, March 29, the final conference of the European project "IVO4All, international volunteering opportunities for all" was held in Paris.The European project "IVO4ALL, international volunteering opportunities for all" aims at promoting the accessibility of all young people to voluntary opportunities abroad and, more particularly ...Continue reading

IVO4ALL in France, a six-month milestone at the end of the project

IVO4ALL was launched in February 2015 : during two years, the experimentation process (500 targeted young people) was conducted simultaneously in France, Italy and the United Kingdom.In France, several accompanying measures have been tested within the framework of the Civic Service:Firstly, measures targeting ...Continue reading

IVO4ALL at the agenda of the French Committee on European and international mobility of young people

Since 2013, the French government launched a national strategy to promote European and international mobility of young people and increase the participation of young people furthest from mobility. IVO4ALL is part of this strategy.To mobilize all stakeholders, a french Committee on European and international mobility of young people has ...Continue reading

Final group of UK volunteers are ready, set and go

In June we recruited our last UK volunteers on the IVO4all Project. Over the last month our final groups have been preparing to go overseas during over October and November. This marks the end of our field trial experimentation of Pre-Departure Adaptations. During the experimentation period we have successfully engaged 201 ...Continue reading

IVO4All inspires the French-German Youth Office!

The French-German Youth Office (FGYO) just started a new volunteering program: the FGV-O, French-German Volunteering of Opportunities. Completely inspired by the IVO4All project, the length of this program is shortened thus allowing for a greater number of young people to participate.The French-German Youth Office is an international ...Continue reading

Portrait of a volunteer: Mayssam

Mayssam is our second volunteer of the IVO4All project aiming to allow service civic missions abroad for young people with fewer opportunities. With GINKGO organization, she left for Senegal in June for a six month mission to work as an animator for socio-educational workshops.Before volunteering, I was working in Paris ...Continue reading

What have we learnt so far?

UK sending organisations came together to discuss thekey learnings throughout the IVO4all field trials as wereach the end of our ...Continue reading

Today, for 50 young people the adventure begins…

April 18th, 2016 was an important day for 50 volunteers from Italy who were selected to participate in the experimental volunteering projects in the frame of Ivo4All. They are called to counduct their activities abroad in different EU countries.For 50 young people from all over Italy, April 18th was the starting point of ...Continue reading

Valuing Diversity – An eye opening session

In the UK, during June 2016, we implemented newly adapted pre-departure training sessions with the aim of improving volunteer’s resilience and understanding of each other. One of the new sessions called ‘ Valuing Diversity ’ was well received by all volunteers.“The session really opened my eyes about other people and their experiences ...Continue reading

First impressions of Peru

We just made the jump in Iquitos, a town in the heart of Amazonian Peru. It is a region where the weather is hot (really hot) and wet and the locals live outside most of the day, which makes it a pleasant place to live in. We are going out, we meet people, we exchange, in short we are learning. Especially since the people of Iquitos are so ...Continue reading

Portrait of a volunteer: Justine

Justine is a volunteer of the IVO4All project. A project aiming to allow service civic missions abroad for young people with fewer opportunities. With GINKGO organization, she left for Togo in June for a six month mission to support the local development of the association.« At almost 21 years old, i always had trouble to ...Continue reading

Four young french people travel to Canada with the BIJ of Brest

Ouest-France publication, 01/07/2016 The Youth Information Office of Brest, France (in french, BIJ) is participating in the IVO4All experiment (International Volunteering Opportunities for All). The objective is to facilitate access to international mobility in the frame of the Service Civic for anyone with lesser ...Continue reading

Eurofound’s report: Exploring diversity of NEETs

On the 4th of July, the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) has published a youth report on NEETs (young people not in employment, education or training): “Exploring the diversity of NEETs”.This report, based on data routinely collected for the EU Labour Force Survey focuses on the ...Continue reading

Pre-departure trainings for French volunteers

In France the experimentation carried out for the European project IVO4All operates in two distinct sending waves of volunteers abroad: 25 volunteers left at the end of 2015 and 75 will leave in 2016. During the month of May 2016, the last French volunteers were divided in two groups to attend a pre-departure training session implemented for the ...Continue reading

“Let’s go abroad” – Berlin, here we go !

4 young volunteers started their 1 month EVS-journey in the frame of the “Let’s go abroad” project. After 3 preparation meetings they finally took off for Berlin.On June 3rd, the first group of 4 volunteers left Luxembourg for Berlin by bus for their 1 month EVS experience. Luc, Lara, Lisa and Joël ...Continue reading

Pre-trip preparation of volunteers from Auvergne, France!

During the preparation, the volunteers of CREFAD Auvergne had a busy schedule: hiking discovery in the volcanoes, German courses with an ambassador from the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO), meeting with former volunteers and animation trials.[caption id="attachment_2491" align="alignnone" width="852"]...Continue reading

VSO, France Volontaires and Agence du Service Civique talk about inclusion at the French Solidarity Exhibition

This year, the French Solidarity Exhibition (Salon des Solidarités), taking place in Paris, focused on the recruitment of young European professionals. France Volontaires, the Agency of civic service and VSO were offered an opportunity to advocate in favour of the recruitment of young people with less opportunities across a workshop and a joined ...Continue reading

Discussion meeting between representatives of the French minister for urban policy, youth and sports, Mr. Patrick KANNER and IVO4All French volunteers

On Tuesday 10th of May at the occasion of a pre-departure training, 35 young French volunteers involved in the project IVO4All met with three members of Mr. Patrick KANNER’s cabinet, the French minister for urban policy, youth and sports. During this meeting the volunteers had the opportunity to give their opinions and suggestions to Mr. ...Continue reading

First return session of French volunteers in Paris

The European IVO4All project is part of an evaluation process of national policies and volunteering programs which is aiming to make civic service opportunities accessible to all young people in Europe and internationally. An experimentation process is conducted simultaneously in France, Italy and United-Kingdom over a test group of 500 young ...Continue reading

Portrait of a volunteer: Medhi

Back from a civic service of three month in Argentina for which he conducted gardening sessions with handicapped children and organized animations and trips for children of poor neighborhood, Medhi, 25 years-old, native of the Seine-Saint-Denis tells how he discovered the international civic service: “Everything started when the organization ...Continue reading

Portrait of a volunteer: Melody

At the age of nineteen with only a high school degree, Melody just completed a six month civic service for which she spent three and a half months in Sidi Bubker, Morocco. Volunteer for the organization “Cool’eurs du Monde”, she was mainly tasked with contributing to French courses and education to sustainable development in ...Continue reading

Portrait of a volunteer: Irvin

Irvin is eighteen years old. After graduating from high school he decided to take a year off in order to do a six month civic service with the organization “Cool’eurs du Monde”. His mission led him to spend three months and a half in Meknes, Morocco to work on education for sustainable development and environment in schools with Iffker ...Continue reading

Voluntary gives you opportunity to explore the world

Two volunteers from Lithuania went on to work and learn for one year in Germany, environmental protection. This activity is a result of a long-term cooperation between Department of youth affairs in Lithuania and the Education, Youth and Sports Ministry of Brandenburg in Federal Republic of Germany.Quick-learning girls were ...Continue reading

Meeting in Paris, of sending and host organizations

Meeting in ParisThe European project “IVO4ALL” aims to give access to international civic service to all young people. Accompanying young people at all stages of their journey, before departure, during their mission and at their return is essential to the success of their ...Continue reading

Second call

A second call for expression of interest was launched in late December 2015 for the second wave of the French experimentation.Ten new sending organisations were selected in January 2016. Most of them are community education organisations (youth workers), which will enable a plurality of actors and ...Continue reading

The spring hero : Evelina, volunteer for the “Youth Voluntary Service” programme

Evelina attended the national volunteering programme „Youth Voluntary Service“ and she was volunteering in the organisation „Helping Hand“ in Kaunas (Lithuania) for three and a half months. Evelina is coping with cerebral palsy since childhood and her mother Inga ...Continue reading

Flying visit to the « Maison des Volontaires » in Paris

 During the steering committee’s meeting in February 2016, the committee members had the opportunity to visit the "Maison des Volontaires” (House of Volunteers ) in the 13e arrondissement in Paris. Anna Diarra, the founder of this structure, gave an interesting ...Continue reading

What does the Quality Assurance Framework ?

Organisations delivering IVO4ALL projects have developed a range of good practice designed to engage young people with fewer opportunities. The IVO4ALL Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) is guiding organisations to highlight specific adaptations that ...Continue reading

Quality Principles workshop at Palazzo Chigi

On January 21st, the siege of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office “Palazzo Chigi” hosted a workshop on the “Quality Principles” that will guide the implementation of the field trials.   The meeting - chaired by Raffaele De Cicco, Director of ...Continue reading

VSO train their first IVO4ALL peer mentors!

VSO has recruited and trained the first 6 peer mentors to support young people on the International Citizen Service Programme (ICS). Peer mentors will be returned ICS volunteers who will provide support to young people before they depart ...Continue reading

The November hero

Julio22 years old, from Luxembourg Julio is participating in a creative EVS short-term-project around Christmas traditions in Kokkola/Finland.Project duration : 01/11/2015 to 15/12/2015...Continue reading

A successful pre-assessment workshop!

On Thursday 10th December 2015, VSO ran the biggest pre-assessment day since the IVO4ALL project started. We had 16 volunteers attend the day along with mentors and staff supporting the delivery of the day. During the day we covered team building activities, interview techniques and confidence building. Volunteers ...Continue reading

FRANCE : Two days pre-departure training

In order to optimize each volunteer’s departure, specific two days pre-departure training were conducted. The first pre-departure training IVO4ALL took place on the 18th-20th October and the second session on the 8th-10th November. 27 volunteers attended the two sessions; it was a real success....Continue reading

ITALY : First volunteers placement!

In September 2015, the Department of Youth and National Civic Service approved the first 3 projects submitted in September in the framework of the IVO4ALL special call. Globally, 20 first volunteers will be placed in the following European countries: ...Continue reading

Youth: A consistent political involvement towards inclusiveness!

September 2015, seizing the opportunity of being all gathered in Luxemburg, the Youth Directors of the Ministries involved in IVO4ALL, France Volontaires and the European Commission have met and agreed to join forces and ensure a stronger impact of the policies encouraging a better access of the young people to ...Continue reading