“Let’s go abroad” – Berlin, here we go !

4 young volunteers started their 1 month EVS-journey in the frame of the “Let’s go abroad” project. After 3 preparation meetings they finally took off for Berlin.

On June 3rd, the first group of 4 volunteers left Luxembourg for Berlin by bus for their 1 month EVS experience.

Luc, Lara, Lisa and Joël will support their hosting organisation, FEZ-Berlin, in creating miniature-scale models of European monuments. These will be one of the attractions during the summer months and during FEZitty, a big children’s city simulation event in the organisation. In their tasks and daily life the 4 volunteers will be supervised by a retired carpenter and a youth worker.

Adventures started already while travelling to Berlin. The arrival time was delayed by several hours due to road accidents and works.

Big surprise upon arrival at night: not only their mentor was welcoming the group at Berlin ZOB – she was accompanied by the volunteers’ landlord who spontaneously offered to bring his new guests and their luggage to his house.

Next surprise: an unexpected welcome dinner offered by the landlord and his daughter!

What a start!

Stepping into a volunteering activity this way will surely help to reach the set objectives of the project.

In mid of June, a youth worker form the National youth service will travel to Berlin for a midterm evaluation with the volunteers and with those who are taking care of them.

The gained experiences will benefit to the second group of volunteers who will start their journey on July 1st.