IVO4ALL presented to the 28 Directors General of Youth in Malta

Every six months the country in charge of the Presidency of the European Union invites the European Commission and the youth directors of the 28 Member-States to exchange on their political orientations and to draw on good practices.

Last 23 and 24 March the Maltese Presidency had chosen to discuss the Renewal of the post-2020 Youth European strategy; the role of youth work in the development of skills among young people and also the development of volunteering activities.

This item on volunteering was a great opportunity to discuss the IVO4ALLL project and its learnings! Again, we would like to thank the Presidency for granting us this time.

Mr Jean-Benoit DUJOL, French interministerial youth delegate, recalled the worrying situation of young people in Europe (endemic unemployment rate, large number of young NEET’s) and then stressed the importance of international volunteering in remobilizing young people and allowing them a fair place in society. Ms. Lénaik LEPOUL, in charge of the IVO4ALL project, then explained the measures tested in Italy, France and the United Kingdom over the past two years. Finally, Ms Marialuisa SILVESTRINI, senior counselor at the Italian Prime Minister’s Office, highlighted the lessons learned from the IVO4ALL experimentation and stressed the importance of support for these young people.

The European Commission then presented the European Solidarity Corps, which aims to foster the engagement of young people in the European Union. Concrete proposals will be published on 24 May; these proposals will then be discussed this summer and at the start of the school year by the Member States and the European Parliament for likely adoption in the autumn and implementation by the end of 2017.

In the discussion that followed, the majority of directors highlighted the need to make society more inclusive, and to work jointly with youth associations and workers to develop quality volunteering schemes accessible to all young people.

Virginia Mangematin, French Ministry for urban affairs, youth and sports