IVO4All inspires the French-German Youth Office!

The French-German Youth Office (FGYO) just started a new volunteering program: the FGV-O, French-German Volunteering of Opportunities. Completely inspired by the IVO4All project, the length of this program is shortened thus allowing for a greater number of young people to participate.

The French-German Youth Office is an international organization dedicated to French-German cooperation. Its mission is to encourage relationships of young people from both countries, to strengthen their mutual comprehension and thus, to change representations of the neighboring country.

In the frame of its strategy “Diversity and Participation”, the FGYO wishes to sustain diversification of the beneficiaries of its programs and to sensitize societies to mechanisms of exclusion.

The first youngsters just started their volunteering: It concerns 7 young Guyanese who spend the first three months in the association Aide aux Jeunes (AAJ) in Cayenne before doing the second part of their volunteering (3 months also) in an association in Germany.

FGYO website: https://www.ofaj.org/english-version