IVO4ALL in France, a six-month milestone at the end of the project

IVO4ALL was launched in February 2015 : during two years, the experimentation process (500 targeted young people) was conducted simultaneously in France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

In France, several accompanying measures have been tested within the framework of the Civic Service:

  • Firstly, measures targeting receiving and hosting organizations such as information tailored-made for volunteer tutors and a gathering of tutors of hosting associations abroad and their partners in France;
  • Secondly, measures for young people throughout their journey : specific pre- departure training, adapted missions, including combined missions in France and abroad, and a specific return session.

In order to design and implement these actions, the French field trial wished to have as principles a co-construction and exchange of best practices with organizations working directly with young people. Therefore, all the measures have been designed with associations of which the nineteen who have sent volunteers under IVO4ALL, as well as hosting organizations abroad and public structures.

On March 29th and 30th, 2016, a gathering was held in Paris of the sending and hosting agencies of French civic service volunteers, bringing together forty participants from ten countries. It enabled actors to share their experiences and practices relating to the reception and follow-up of volunteers abroad and to reaffirm their commitment to international mobility. You will find their testimonies on the vidéo on line here.

The four pre-departure sessions of young people (two in the fall of 2015 and two in the spring of 2016) and the four return sessions (in May and November 2016) were designed and co-facilitated by the sending organizations. These training courses will lead to the creation of a Guide for practitioners which will be widely disseminated.

The French young volunteers left in two waves (one in 2015 and one 2016).

The first wave mobilized 76% of young people under the age of 22 (compared with 40% of young people abroad in 2014), 16% from Deprived areas (Quartiers issus de la Politique Prioritaire de la Ville) (17,1% in 2014 for all young people entering civic service), 12% are beneficiaries of the increase on social criteria (compared to 6% of young people who left abroad in 2014) and only 8% have less than a bachelor degree ( against 21%). As for the second wave, 48% are under 22 years of age, 14.5% come from deprived areas, 10% are undergraduate and the presence of overseas or rural youth is increasing.


You can find information about the missions and testimonials of young people on the dedicated website of the project and in particular several articles written thanks to the mobilization of the 19 French partner associations and the volunteers that we thank.

The project is now entering its final evaluation and dissemination phase.

The report of external evaluator Ernst and Young (EY) will be available at the end of March 2017. The first observation is that a majority of associations are satisfied with having participated in IVO4ALL. This project fostered interesting synergies between the actors involved: connections between social and employment local counseling structures (Missions locales) and voluntary associations, the launching of a French-German volunteer opportunities scheme by the French-German Youth Office, exchanges of tools by the teams of trainers, ….

The young volunteers mobilized are also satisfied with the experience and are ready to recommend it. They think that the pre-departure session encouraged them to leave and a majority consider to have gained autonomy.

This whole process and the learnings will be presented during a National Conference on 29 March in Paris and then to a European Conference on 6 June in Brussels.

Anne-Laure Barrès, Agence française du Service civique, Delphine Soult et Virginia Mangematin, Ministère français chargé de la Ville, de la Jeunesse et des Sport