Inclusion in practice

How the field trials work in practice ?

The project, which started on 1st February 2015 and which is running for three years, will experiment an alternative management process of international volunteering schemes that would ensure better inclusiveness, especially for young people with fewer opportunities.

The experimental measures relate to:

  • The type and duration of placements offered by the organizations,
  • Application and selection processes,
  • Pre-departure training,
  • Management of the partnership between sending and hosting organizations
  • Support to young volunteers that have fewer opportunities anticipating the impact of mobility.


All 3 Field Trials set up their specific measures to be adopted for the target group:

FranceItalyUnited Kingdom
  • Specific preparation
  • Specific mentor training
  • Adapted placement
  • Stronger support
  • New recruitment criteria
  • Foreign language training
  • Stronger mentorship
  • Shorter duration of service
  • Skill building
  • Mentoring programme
  • Stronger preparation
  • Stronger overseas support

A protocol based on those measures is designed and implemented by partner organizations.

In order to compare effectiveness and impact of these measures, 500 young volunteers are targeted:

  • Target group: 250 young volunteers will benefit from these alternative measures
  • Control group: 250 young volunteers will be send based on traditional voluntary scheme

The analysis will be based on understanding of inner dynamics created by volunteer schemes’ current systems. Impact of tested measures on those dynamics will be assessed.


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