IVO4ALL at the agenda of the French Committee on European and international mobility of young people

Since 2013, the French government launched a national strategy to promote European and international mobility of young people and increase the participation of young people furthest from mobility. IVO4ALL is part of this strategy.

To mobilize all stakeholders, a french Committee on European and international mobility of young people has been created that brings together some fifty organizations structured into six colleges: local authorities, youth and voluntary associations, youth beneficiaries, enterprises, mobility agencies, ministries.

This committee met for the fourth time on 11 October 2016 under the chairmanship of Minister of the urban affairs, youth and sports, Mr. Patrick KANNER. It highlighted and valorized the many achievements and local and national initiatives implemented during the last 4 years and that enabled more young people to experience mobility but also to the stakeholders to better take into account the specific needs of these young people. On this occasion, Mr. Jean-Benoit DUJOL, Interministerial Delegate for Youth made a quick update on the project IVO4ALL and invited participants to the National Conference of results restitution to be held in the first half of 2017.


Virginia Mangematin

Ministry for urban policy, youth and sports
Department of cross-sectorial youth and NGOs policies
International relations unit