First return session of French volunteers in Paris

The European IVO4All project is part of an evaluation process of national policies and volunteering programs which is aiming to make civic service opportunities accessible to all young people in Europe and internationally. An experimentation process is conducted simultaneously in France, Italy and United-Kingdom over a test group of 500 young people. Measures concerning information, pre-departure and post-return training, or the monitoring of the volunteers during their stay are put into place, tested and evaluated.

Following their mission in civic service in a foreign country (Argentina, Morocco, Portugal, Quebec), ten young French volunteers whom have taken part in the project participated in a return session, in Paris on April 4th and 5th. During these two days, the volunteers had the opportunity to exchange on the missions that were assigned to them, the skills they acquired but also on how to use this experience in a personal project and how to carry on working in organizations.


The volunteers doing an energizer
The session is organized in workshops. Here is an energizer. Paris, 04/05/2015


The measures tested for IVO4All avec been saluted, especially the implementation of pre-departure training sessions. Medhi, 25 years-old just came back from Argentina, he says: “The preparation undertaken for the project helped as well. There, all the work on fears, expectations and goals makes it easier to start this journey, But it also allows us to establish links between volunteers, either to get together abroad or to plan future potential projects


It is clear that I couldn’t have gone without IVO4All.
(Melody, 19 years-old, she spent three month in Morocco for a civic service.)


The stories they tell underline the fact that this experience was positive to these young people and most of them say they have a better vision of the future whether they plan on going back to school, seeking a job or carrying on working in organization: “My choices for the future are strengthened by my experience in service civic since I want to become a Speech Therapist. At the same time I’m much more motivated, in Morocco people often don’t get to choose their job and don’t have the opportunity to study and I really want to take my chance” Melody concludes.


Author: Hadrien Le Saux, French Ministry for Urban Policy, Youth and Sports