First impressions of Peru

We just made the jump in Iquitos, a town in the heart of Amazonian Peru. It is a region where the weather is hot (really hot) and wet and the locals live outside most of the day, which makes it a pleasant place to live in. We are going out, we meet people, we exchange, in short we are learning. Especially since the people of Iquitos are so talkative.
We arrived one week ago and we begin to get our daily habits. After some hiccups, we finally found places to eat for instance. Or also the bar where we can find the best star fruit juice of the town.

We met the people from our organization here in Iquitos, whom is proving very patient towards our vague Spanish. They gave us our first mission and we learn more on the association every day which allows us to feel more and more integrated to the project.

Text written by Laura and Regis, volunteers from the association Eurocircle


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