Final group of UK volunteers are ready, set and go

In June we recruited our last UK volunteers on the IVO4all Project. Over the last month our final groups have been preparing to go overseas during over October and November. This marks the end of our field trial experimentation of Pre-Departure Adaptations. During the experimentation period we have successfully engaged 201 volunteers who attended our IVO4all Pre-Assessment Day Workshops, of which 131 went on to be selected as potential volunteers on our ICS Programme.

106 volunteers received Peer Mentor support and were offered adapted training to better support them for overseas volunteering. Team Leaders during this period also received adapted training so that they could better support volunteers on the IVO4all Project when overseas. We are now beginning to pull learnings together which will inform how we can best work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to ensure an equitable volunteering journey. One of the key highlights of our work on IVO4all was that to date we have had 27 volunteer departures during Spring and Summer. We are especially looking forward to hearing about their individual experiences and feedback on the support they received as a volunteer.

In the coming months we are excited about sharing our learnings and establishing key recommendations along with our European counter parts to ensure international volunteering opportunities truly can be accessible for all.


Rahim Hassanali

IVO4ALL Project Manager
International Citizen Service (ICS)