Final conference in Luxembourg

“Going Abroad” Seminar

Final conference Luxembourg

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Home of the Franciscan Sisters
50, Avenue Gaston Diderich
Luxembourg Belair


9.15: Welcome and registration
9:45 am: Welcome by Mr. Georges Metz, Director of the SNJ
10:00: Presentation of the project “Let’s go abroad” by Mr. Georges Zeimet, International Mobility Coordinator at SNJ
10h30: Presentation of the project «IVO4ALL» by Mrs Lénaïk Le Poul de France Volontaires, project coordinator IVO4ALL
10.45: Presentation of IVO4all conclusions and recommendations by Mrs Giulia Mocci of Ernst & Young, partner of the IVO4ALL project
11h30: Round table: testimonials of young participants and their tutors / referents
12h30: Lunch

14.00: Registration for workshops
14h15: Workshops

  • 1. quality assurance (FR)
  • 2. the importance of a reliable network (FR)
  • 3. the needs and expectations of the target audience (EN + FR)

16h15: Conclusions of the workshops
17h30: Closing of the day and pot of friendship


EN-FR in plenary and workshop 3.