Towards a Citizen Service in Belgium ?

Directors and youth ministry leads from France, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg have met to shape the institutionalisation of the Belgium Citizen Service for young people, in Brussels, last 5th – 16th May 2017.

High level workshops with political agents, experts and field operators, focusing on the fundamental principles and the practical details of a specific formula, taking into account the regional and federal levels of competence to establish a high quality Citizen Service. Our role: Invitation from organisers to bring a UK perspective to the discussions from our work on IVO4all regarding ensuring volunteering can be inclusive and accessible.

Service Civique Belgoque Citizen Service Belgium

Piotr Sadowski – Head of European Affairs – Volunteering Matters
Alban van der Straten – Chargé de plaidoyer – Service Citoyen
Rahim Hassanali – IVO4all Project Manager – VSO International



Autor : Rahim Hassanali, VSO / ICS