And after ? Kader explain to us

The Civic Service Agency : What did you do before being enrolled in an International Civic Service?

Kader: Before I made a Civic Service abroad, I started a technical-commercial BTS, which I did not finish because I did not feel full in it. After a period of 3 months of unemployment, a specialist educator spoke to me about the Civic Service abroad, and I applied with her assistance to La Guilde. I explained that I wanted to do a Civic Service abroad because I really needed it to empty my mind and discover a new culture. At that time I was 23 years old, it was last year.


CSA: How was your recruitment?

Kader: I was told that I had to write a letter explaining why I wanted to go abroad and how it could help me. As a result of that, I did a skype interview and I apparently had the right words since I was caught.
Once caught, I was lucky enough to go in pairs with a very interesting person. Her name was Mathilde, she was 21 years old. It was a great experience with her. I was not organized at all in my life. To take a young man like me and a girl like Mathilde has really allowed us to complement each other on the field.

ASC: Do you have an anecdote to tell us about this? This complementarity between your partner and you?

Kader: Once a holiday camp came where we were present in the host country, for a project and they did not want to integrate us. Faced with this situation Mathilde was very distraught and I was able to bring him the necessary distance in front of this situation. For her part, during my mission she helped me in my organization, to be punctual every morning, and to be rigorous, she also encouraged me in the face of my lack of confidence, pushing me to go At the end of my projects.
The fact of being in a couple brings a human side in addition. In the sense that a person I did not know, with whom I had not grown up, was able to motivate me, help me to trust myself and go beyond my ambitions.

CSA: What were you doing as part of your mission? What were your activities?

Kader: I was working with an association called STEA (“star” in Romanian). As part of my mission, I was supporting the activities of educational and educational games for an audience aged 3 and 18, all from the Roma community.
Before leaving I had no particular project, but when I arrived in Romania I knew that I was going to be with the Roma community. So I wanted to set up a project around social mix and solidarity, such as playing Roma and non-Rom children. I was also able to create a cultural rally in which the children of the Roma community participated in actions in the city to integrate them into Romanian society.
These missions really made me proud of myself, I managed to do something in 4 months spent on the spot.

ASC: Since your return, what is happening in your life?

Kader: Since my return, many young people have asked me how my Civic Service mission has gone and I enjoy talking about it. I would like to be Ambassador of the Civic Service.
I participated in the “Free Parliament” 2 times and today I prepare my competition of instructor-educator. It is thanks to the IVO4ALL project that I knew what I wanted to do with my life, instructor-educator and / or humanitarian.
But before I did my training, I also applied to the Institute of Commitment to be helped in the definition of my project. I am part of the ALHELI promotion of 2016.
Being a laureate of the Institute of Commitment has helped me greatly to realize the benefits of this Civic Service mission.


© Photo and testimony: French Civic Service Agency