Today, for 50 young people the adventure begins…

April 18th, 2016 was an important day for 50 volunteers from Italy who were selected to participate in the experimental volunteering projects in the frame of Ivo4All. They are called to counduct their activities abroad in different EU countries.

For 50 young people from all over Italy, April 18th was the starting point of an adventure called “Europe”.
They will participate in volunteering activities abroad during which they will have the opportunity to challenge themselves in 6 projects linked to the social and cultural fields. “These young people will be ambassadors of hope and solidarity for our country. The European civic service will become a more familiar concept and I hope that there will be opportunities for all of the approximately 700 young people who had applied for the Italian IVO4ALL tender, which expired on March 16th. Unfortunately not all applicants have been able to access!”said Undersecretary of state for Social Policies, Luigi Bobba. 

The Italian volunteers will be involved in 6 different projects in the fields of: development cooperation, support to Italian communities residing abroad, education and cultural promotion.  

“Two major innovations for the Civic Service are introduced by the experimental project – adds Bobba – the first one is that the volunteers will remain in service for a period of only 6 months, including four month abroad in the country where the chosen project is implemented and two months in Italy. The second innovation is that during the compulsory period of pre-departure training the volunteers will benefit of a foreign language course (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese).
This three-week-training is taking place at central level in Rome.

The departure of the 50 volunteers in the frame of IVO4ALL are is the concrete proof that the Italian government’s youth policies are accompanied by concrete measures, as already demonstrated by the approval of the Third sector reform and the subsequent birth of a universal civil service in Italy, that, from today, becomes increasingly European ” said the Secretary

Source: magazine Civil Service