A European partnership between 

high level authorities & civil society players

France, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, bringing their expertise together to introduce new ways of reaching out and supporting all young people to engage in a volunteering or civic service duty abroad.

Ernst & Young

As the evaluation body, Ernst & Young - Global Government and Public Sector Centre - brings strong and experienced knowledge into the evaluation process. They provide specialized tools and methodology to measure the impact of IVO4ALL deliverables....Continue reading

France Volontaires

France Volontaires is the IVO4ALL project coordinator. It builds bridges between public authorities and civil society organizations. It has developed expertise in managing European and international projects and in contributing to public policies on volunteering and youth. ...Continue reading

French Youth Ministry

The Department of Youth, Lifelong Learning and Civil Society, under the French Ministry for Urban Policies, Youth and Sports, puts in place policies on National and European Civic Service and on European and International Youth Mobility. It has set up the consortium of IVO4ALL....Continue reading

French Civic Service Agency

The French Civic Service Agency was created in March 2010 to take charge of the development of programs which ensure equal access for all citizens to volunteerism. The mainly volunteerism of the Agency is for people between 16 and 25 years old, and has concerned in 2015, 40 000 young in the national territory and ...Continue reading

Lithuanian Department of Youth Affairs

The Lithuanian Department of Youth Affairs, under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, raises awareness of the added value of volunteering and will ensure its national practice can be adapted into the international context....Continue reading

National Youth Service from Luxembourg

The national Youth Service from Luxembourg, which is a public administration under the authority of the Ministry for Education, Children and Youth, will play a key role in highlighting project experience and results through its national and international networks. ...Continue reading

Italian Department of Youth and National Civic Service

Within the Italian Prime Minister's Office, the Department of Youth and National Civic Service is in charge of youth policies and will bring its solid experience in managing a national civic service. Moreover, it leads the work package Field Trials coordination....Continue reading

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), is a leading international development charity with a wealth of experience in developing inclusive youth volunteering programmes. In particular, VSO leads the UK Government funded International Citizen Service (ICS). VSO also brings its experience on quality assurance and is the ...Continue reading