Objectives to improve ACCESS of volunteering for ALL YOUNG PEOPLE


The project aims to develop the European and international dimension of volunteering policies. It plans to test an alternative management process of international volunteering schemes that would ensure a better inclusiveness towards young people with fewer opportunities, and to test specific measure to tackle those.



  • To compare ways to develop internationalization of national schemes of young people’s voluntary service, identifying measures ensuring equal access to all young people
  • To enable peer learning between the stakeholders in the field of international volunteering
  • To improve national and European environments for volunteering thanks to a cross-border sharing of knowledge and experience
  • To share results and recommendations with other states



  • Testing cross-border volunteering schemes; targeting young people, including NEET and young people with fewer opportunities;
  • Three Field Trial countries (France,UK, Italy) and two dissemination countries (Lithuania and Luxembourg)
  • In total, five hundred young volunteers will be targeted by the experimentation, half of them will benefit from these alternative measure whereas the other half will not, in order to compare effectiveness and impact of these measures.


Production of:

  • Tools and methods on inclusive process to youth workers and practitioners
  • Guidelines for policy makers and implementing bodies in the field of youth for use in all Member States
  • Recommendations for common protocols and national and/or local policies, to better support all young people, including young NEET’s and young people with fewer opportunities.


The outcomes will be communicated all over the duration of the project and shared at all relevant levels: local, regional, national and European policy makers, implementing agencies and bodies, practitioners and/or youth workers and last but not least young people.

The consortium will also share the results to other member states and European institutions through a final European Conference and publications, including online materials.